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Bottle of 1924 Scotch Barrel Aged Chardonnay

1924 Scotch Barrel Aged Chardonnay


A cool blanket slips into the area at night keeping the vineyard temperatures mild in the morning as the day heats up. The warm inland valley allows for generous heat during the peak summer months.


Crafted with full-bodied Chardonnay aged in Scotch Barrels, this liberal wine is layered with aromas of rich toffee, sweet tobacco and baked apple pie with notes reminiscent of Scotch: hints of antique leather, caramelized brown sugar and toasted oak.


Enjoy this sophisticated sipper with subtly sweet, smoky dishes: Oven roasted pork spareribs alongside savory baked apples or grilled, alder-smoked salmon.

Bottle of wine with a wine glass

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